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PikcioMe is your personal assistant. It helps you retrieve, centralize and control your personal information which is currently scattered all over the internet.

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We created PikcioMe, because we take your internet priacy very seriously. As a true personal assistant, it helps you control the distribution of your personal information.

PikcioMe, a collaborative application

PikcioMe benefits from the collaborative MatchUpBox network (distributed architecture, Peer2Peer/Blockchain), which means that each PikcioMe user owns his personal information.
Your PikcioMe guarantees:

You are in charge!

Whatever you do via PikcioMe: search, purchase or communicate, there are no surprises! You control everything!
With PikcioMe:

Your privacy, it's our priority

PikcioMe is a personal assistant designed to protect and respect your privacy.
Using the application:

PikcioMe, a secure application

Whether it be sending a simple chat, a sensitive document or a payment, PikcioMe guarantees unparalleled security:

With PikcioMe, I can find all my information in one place: my own device. I finally feel in control of my personal data.


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