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PikcioMe is your new personal assistant. From remembering your passwords to reminding you to pay your bills, or even managing your appointments, PikcioMe saves you time.


PikcioMe is your smart assistant. Every day, we envision new ways that PikcioMe can help you. Spend your time on what really matters.

A unique application for all your information

Your PikcioMe helps you collect and control your personal information, which is currently scattered all over the web. It remembers all your details, so that you don't have to input them over and over again!
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Make appointments and pay your bills effortlessly

You have had to make an appointment for weeks, but you just don’t take the time to do so? PikcioMe can take care of it!
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Your Password Manager

Don’t waste time searching for your passwords anymore!
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PikcioMe speeds up and protects your communications

PikcioMe protects and encrypts your communications. From a simple chat to sending important documents to your banker, opt for security and privacy!
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PikcioMe is the most extensive personal assistant I had the opportunity to test. It allows me to save a lot of time everyday and better manage my schedule.

Matthew G.

Young Professional

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