PikcioMe, My Online Data Manager

Regularly implementing new ideas, PikcioMe is ever-evolving to accomplish more and more of those daily time-counsuming and repetitive tasks. Spend time on what really matters with PikcioMe, your smart assistant!

Find all your data online

Know yourself thanks to your personal data. PikcioMe gathers all of your data online and saves it in one convenient space.
PikcioMe allows you to:

Campare all your personal information

Learn more about your friends or other anonymous PikcioMe users.
With PikcioMe:

Your data, your decision

You own your data and can use it as you see fit. Find the people, products or services that match you profile whithout being tracked.
PikcioMe allows you to:


Certify all your information

PikcioMe uses PikcioChain - a technology that guards against fraud, the falsification of documents and data, by protecting the data control chain.
With PikcioMe:

PPikcioMe really is the application I was looking for. I wanted an application that respects my privacy and manages my invoices and payments. #ImetMyPikcio



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