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PikcioMe is your new personal assistant. It knows you by heart and finds the offers and services that suit you best. Save time with PikcioMe.

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PikcioMe is your smart assistant. Every day, we envision new ways that PikcioMe can help you, so you can spend your time on what really matters.

PikcioMe knows you by heart

The more you use the application, the more your PikcioMe learns about you and saves you from inputting the same information over and over again.
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PikcioMe finds exactly what you need

Adopt Smart Search with PikcioMe! It knows who you are and what you prefer.
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Auto-fill for forms

Don't waste time inputting the same information again and again when filling out forms such as new subscriptions to services, insurance, banking products, warranty extensions.
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The respect of your privacy, it's our priority.

Whether during loan comparisons or web searches, PikcioMe will never be able to disclose your personal information to third parties.
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PikcioMe remembers all my personal information and allows me not to repeat them. It also knows my shopping habits and remembers all my favorite websites.


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