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What is PikcioMe?

PikcioMe is our customer-oriented data application. This 360° solution consists of a private browser, chat and wallet. Its prime goal is to provide users with the means to use common digital services while keeping them in control of their data at all times.

What PikcioMe can do

PikcioMe's search engine

PikcioMe is a unique application and search engine that provides you with a tailored user experience, without collecting or sharing your personal data. How? Thanks to PikcioChain, our decentralized network.

Your internet searches are completely anonymous, your activity is not tracked and your data remains on your device – and nowhere else.

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How to use my PKC tokens

Here are a few ways in which you can use your PKC in PikcioMe. We are working on new developments so watch this space for exciting new features!

PKC Wallet

Incentive for Relay node

Content support

And much more to come...

Everything you need to know about PikcioMe

What is the Pikcio Vision ?

Pikcio is convinced that personal data is an asset that is still under-exploited, especially by their owners (users and customers). The reason for this is that users are decreasingly in control of their data, who can access it, and how it is managed and exchanged.
Pikcio seeks to create a data marketplace where businesses and organisation can continue to use customer data, but more efficiently and with users’ consent. In exchange for their contribution, users and customers should be rewarded. If data is an asset, its exchange should be a fair transaction.

What is PikcioMe ?

PikcioMe is a personal data bank that enables users to make the most of digital services without compromising the safety of their data. This is why we have introduced a personal browser for tailored search, a decentralized chat for private communication and a personal data wallet.
See more PikcioMe’s features

Is a PikcioMe mobile app coming soon ?

PikcioMe’s mobile app is currently under construction. We are aiming to release the Android and iOS apps by the end of 2019.

What are PikcioMe’s current features?

The current version of PikcioMe offers a private and customized search engine with bookmarks and browsing history, a decentralized P2P chat as well as a wallet to check your PKC balance.
PikcioMe also has a digital identity section with your personal details, interests and browsing patterns. Future versions of PikcioMe will enable users to verify ID documents in order to access third-party services.

See more PikcioMe’s features

How does PikcioMe’s private search work ?

Each time you enter a search query, this query is encrypted and bounces from user to user until it reaches the PikcioMe server. The search engine response (your search results) then bounce back to you via a different route, in order to prevent patterns and enable traffic analysis by potentially malicious nodes.

How does PikcioMe’s peer-to-peer chat work ?

Pikcio’s chat, unlike most, does not rely on a centralized server to establish communication. Much like the browser, messages are encrypted and bounce on relay nodes in order to scramble communication flows and help users remain anonymous.

Why create a separate browser instead of an extension plugin ?

Extension plugins require data to be transmitted to the browser which breaches the promise of security and confidentiality Pikcio makes to its users. Decentralized search is also impossible through plugins as it requires to be linked to the PikcioChain.

How does PikcioMe learn about me ?

The more you use PikcioMe, the more it learns about your interests and browsing preferences. This helps PikcioMe tailor your experience and suggest contacts with similar interests as well as relevant social media posts.

How can I use my PKC ?

In future developments of PikcioMe, users will be able to transfer PKC between them and be rewarded for being a relay node.

What is my Pikcio ID ?

Your Pikcio ID is your unique identifier and is compatible with NEO for all your PKC transactions. In future developments, you will be able to use your Pikcio ID in order to verify and certify your personal information.
To find your Pikcio ID, simply refer to the top section of your settings.

What is my private key ?

Your private key protects and secures users’ PikcioMe accounts as well as their data by encrypting and decrypting it. To find your private key, simply refer to the top section of your settings.

Why do I need to give my identity details ?

Giving your personal details and validating your identity will increase your Trust Capital Index. This helps add a notion of trust which is unusual in decentralized networks. Your Trust Capital Index increases according to the amount of personal information your provide and the regularity with which you use PikcioMe.
Read more about increasing your trust capital index

How do I delete my account ?

To delete your account, simply delete the PikcioMe app from your device. Because your data is only stored on your device, it will also be deleted.

How does PikcioMe use cookies ?

PikcioMe receives cookies in order to save your information, so you do not have to type it again.
However, these cookies do not live beyond your session. This means they are deleted as soon as your session ends. When you reopen your app, you will start again from scratch.

How does Pikcio store my data ?

Pikcio does not store data, except your username, email address and the operating system on which you installed PikcioMe (Mac, Windows or Linux). However, this data stays on your device and is not shared with anyone, even Pikcio.

Why should I certify my downloads on PikcioMe ?

When you upload a document, such as a photo ID or proof of address, you can request for it to be certified.
This certification means this data comes from a legitimate source and can be trusted (e.g. your proof of address was downloaded from your personal space on your energy provider’s website). This makes administrative processes easier when applying to a service (bank account, insurance plan, etc).

What is the TCI ? How do I improve it ?

The Trust Capital Index is a score that is given to users to vouch for their reliability. It is based on the amount of personal information you have entered in your personal profile and on the frequency of your browsing activity. Read more about increasing your trust capital index

How can I take part in the network and become a relay node ?

When you install PikcioMe on your device and create an account, you can then go to your settings and enable the “relay node” function. By doing so, the network will increase its performance for every user’s benefit.
In order to become a relay node, you need to check UPMO is enabled on your Internet box. This is usually the case but businesses sometimes disable it.

How can I contribute to Pikcio’s open source projects ?

PikcioMe will be open source within the year 2019. Feel free to contact us if you wish to be included in our development projects!

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