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What PIKCIO can do


Because these are communications about you

Digital ID

Claim back and manage all aspects of your digital identity


Encrypted documents, emails, files and messaging


Put your personal data into hands you trust: yours

Where communication & action come together, use Pikcio


Pikcio embeds your intelligent adviser to make things easier

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Compatible with all the versions of Windows since XP, 32 and 64 bits
New Version (June 2016)
- New interface
- Agenda
- Groups

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Compatible with all the MAC OS since Leopard
New Version (June 2016)
- New interface
- Agenda
- Groups

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To install: (sudo) dpkg -i Pikcio_Beta.deb | to launch: (sudo) pikcio

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PIKCIO screens

Showcasing Pikcio's wall, messages, chat, exchange files...

You need PIKCIO as your personal companion if...

Your feel nobody ever answer to your emails
You are tired to fill in forms to nowhere
Your are tired to wait on the phone for a rep
You want to take control of your Privacy

The new companion of your web experience

Pikcio is a local intelligent searching and messaging service, that allows you to gather & protect all your data in a place which you control (your device) and nowhere else. Pikcio organizes and manages all aspects of your digital identity and matches then with services that matter to you.

27 Jan 2015

PIKCIO is a new internet paradigm. Highly Flexible, always growing, and fully collaborative

About us

We are a team believing that our personal data engaged on the web, have to be under our own control. We have created the network MatchUpBox and the Pikcio application to build the safest environment for you to share securely with the people you trust. We are a start-up' located in the 4st biggest world incubator in Montpellier (France). We dedicate every day to bring privacy onto your data, and smart use of it.

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